Welcome to TRANS REG NCP project!
TRANS REG NCP project, the trans-national network of the National Contact Points for the "Regions of Knowledge" programme, aims to support regional stakeholders in enhancing science and technology based development. The Network provides high quality services to regional authorities, research institutions and enterprises on the opportunities offered by FP7 to boost innovation for economic and social growth.

Regions of Knowledge in FP7
The 'Regions of knowledge' programme promotes synergies between regional and research policies, by associating universities, research centres, enterprises and regional authorities regional 'research-driven clusters'. It allows regions to intensify the role of research and technological development (RTD) in economic development and to invest better and more in RTD through cultivating innovative 'research-driven clusters' at a local and regional level. The aim is to increase the capacity of European regions to invest in and develop their commitment in research which can contribute significantly to economic development.

  • Presentations from Workshop on Channelling RTD funding through clusters available

  • Guide for participants "Communicating EU Research & Innovation"

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  • Week of Innovative Regions Europe IV (WIRE IV)

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